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By using the website www.outdooradventuressweden.com you agree to the below terms and conditions. However, if you do not agree or accept them then please do not use the website.


Our service


The aim of the website www.outdooradventuressweden.com ('the website') is to help travellers from outside Sweden interested in a) going to Sweden and b) outdoor and adventures activities of a certain type; climbing, hiking, mountain biking, river rafting / canoeing, fishing, horse riding and dog sledding. This we try to do by making the website a useful tool to both find and get in touch with organisers of such activities ('the suppliers').


The information provided


The information we have about each of the suppliers has been provided to us, whether through for example the supplier and / or the local tourism organisation. Since the number of suppliers is substantial we rely fully on the accuracy of the information provided. We unfortunately have do not have the capacity or resources to check or verify any descriptions, their location e t c. Also, quite naturally not all activities will be available all year around. It is therefore essential to always getting in touch with the chosen supplier/s beforehand to avoid disappointment.




We have chose to focus on a certain set or activities. All those activities are not only exciting but also can come with certain risks. Safety is paramount. However, since we merely are a provider of information and therefore in no way involved in the organising of any of the activities, any concerns and questions must be directed to the supplier and we  do not take any responsibility or carry any liability. Any advise given by the supplier must be fully adhered to minimise the risks. We also always recommend you to have a comprehensive travel insurance that cover these sorts of activities.


Booking an activity


Once you have found an activity that you are interested in trying, you must always get in direct contact with the supplier and beforehand. This is essential to verify for example that it is organised on a certain date, that there is available space, what the cost might be, where the start / meeting point is and if there's any particular equipment that you have to bring along.


Payments to suppliers


Any payment for an activity has to be done as agreed directly with the supplier. Some of them have the option to pay online, others require a bank transfer. What works best you have to verify with the individual supplier. We do not collect any money on behalf of the suppliers.

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